List all devices

GET /v1/devices

Returns a list of Auditzy supported devices


  • 200

    Successful response.

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    • data array[object]

      An array of device objects

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      • id string

        Values are mobile, desktop, macbookAir2020, highEndLaptop, macbookPro133, macbookPro16, msSurfaceBook315, msSurfaceBook3135, msSurface, ipad102, samsungGalaxyTab7, iphone13ProMax, iphone11, samsungGalaxyS10Plus, redmiNote8Pro, iphone7, samsungGalaxyA50, motorolaMotoG5, redmi5A, iphone13Pro, iphone8Plus, ipadPro129, samsungGalaxyA32, samsungGalaxyS21Ultra, samsungGalaxyS20, oneplus10Pro, oneplus7, iphoneXR, iphone5, iphone6, iphone11Pro, iphone12Pro, iphone12Mini, pixel, oneplusNord, samsungGalaxyS8, pixel3, pixel4, pixel5, pixel6, or pixel6Pro.

      • name string
      • mode string

        Values are mobile or desktop.

GET /v1/devices
curl \
Response examples (200)
  "data": [
      "id": "macbookAir2020",
      "name": "Macbook Air 2020 (1440 x 900)",
      "mode": "desktop"
      "id": "iphone13ProMax",
      "name": "iPhone 13 Pro Max (428 x 926)",
      "mode": "mobile"
  "status": "SUCCESS"