List all networks

GET /v1/networks

Returns a list of Auditzy supported networks


  • 200

    Successful response.

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    • data array[object]

      An array of Network objects

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      • id string

        Values are fiber, cable, dsl, normal5g, wifiFast, wifi, normal4gFast, desktopDense4G, normal4g, normal3gSlow, normal2gEdge, normal2g, mobileSlow4g, or mobileRegular4g.

      • name string
GET /v1/networks
curl \
Response examples (200)
  "data": [
      "id": "normal5g",
      "name": "5G (67 Mbps/67 Mbps, 10ms TCP RTT)"
      "id": "normal4g",
      "name": "4G Fast(LTE) (21 Mbps/21 Mbps, 70ms TCP RTT)"
  "status": "SUCCESS"