Rate Limits

The Auditzy API incorporates a rate restriction to safeguard our service against potential attacks and uphold its overall stability. Under normal usage scenarios, the limits are set at generous levels, posing no significant concerns.

We've established two primary rate limits:

  • Global rate restriction: This denotes the maximum allowable requests within a specified time frame across all API endpoints, capped at 200 requests per minute. Surpassing this threshold triggers a 429 Status Code, accompanied by rate limit headers outlined in the table.
  • Concurrency restriction: This limit is tied to the number of audits executed. A singular audit is limited to 3 per minute. Once this quota is exceeded, a 429 Status Code is triggered, preventing the initiation of new tests until ongoing audits conclude.

Should you encounter any challenges related to rate limits, kindly reach out to our Support Team.

List of response headers when global rate limit exceeds:

Header Description
Retry-After Duration in seconds before attempting the next request.
X-RateLimit-Limit Maximum allowable requests within the current time frame.
X-RateLimit-Remaining Remaining available requests within the current time frame.